Home Port; on the Delaware River at Fox Grove Marina Essington PA.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Essington to Chesapeake City September 2010

September 17 through 19

Depart Essington 9:30 AM Friday 17, single hand, with breeze building 10 to 15 gusts to 20 out of the northwest.
2nd reef main sail with the ebb tide to Reedy Point at 2:00PM.
25nm starboard tack all the way, top speed 6.5knots, average SOG 5.5knots.

Enter Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to early for flood in the canal and motor against the tide at 2 to 3 knots until Summit and get assistance from the flood tide speeds up to 5 knots.
Arrive Chesapeake City after 6:00 PM and secure to the town dock. Rick saved a space for me on the town dock.
Meet up with Rick and Lori on "SV Take Five" who had been about 1/2 nm behind me most of the way, but with a stronger motor was through the canal in half my time, Wayne and Sally on "SV Virgina Dare" and Jack on SV Dionysus sister ship to Virginia Dare.

Saturday strolling around Chesapeake City and meet up with other sailors.

Depart Chesapeake City 6:00 AM on the ebb tide through the canal and stop at Delaware City just up river from the Delaware entrance at 8:30 AM for fuel, antisipating a hard motor against an ebb tide to Essington.
Talk with folks at the Delaware City Marina and depart at 9:30 AM, round Pea Patch Island and into the main channel by 10:00 AM.

Motor up river at 5 knot until the Delaware Memorial Bridge at Wilmington then a harder push against the tide and no assist from still air. Speed over ground (SOG) drops to 3 knot then to 2.5 knot at Marcus Hook and chop builds. Short period disorded chop 2 foot crest and 6 foot period persists all the way to Darby Creek, but a breeze starts to build of the NJ side and I get some assist on the 2nd reef main that I had previously set to dampen the normal 2 foot 40 foot period swell and 6 foot barge wake.

Arrive at Essington 4:00 PM Sunday 18, average SOG 4 knot.

Commadore Barry Bridge with tug Tow
Delaware Memorial Bridge
1st bridge at C&D entrance
One of many barges on the C&D
Railway lift bridge at Summit
Arrive Chesapeake City Bridge at sunset
Chesapeake City Town Dock
Chesapeake City
Chesapeake City Anchorage Basin (Engineers Cove)
Chesapeake City from the Bridge
Sunrise on the C&D, Chesapeake City departure
Delaware City on the old C&D
Leaving Delaware City, view downriver to the Salem cooling tower
Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island
Catamaran sailor (shipping pallet, 2 hulls)
Off cherry Island Flats approaching Marcus Hook in opposing current

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 2010

August 28, 2010
Breakers at low tide on the shoal below Little Tinicum

Tinicum Wildlife AreaAugust 21. 2010
Low tide in the tidal wet land along Darby Creek,
from Darby Creek Dyke

Lazy day on ther river, August 14, 2010
Duck crossing
Morning sail August 11, 2010
Delware River off Eddystone

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 2010

Thursday July 8, 2010

The first day in the low 90's F for a week time for a sail. The air temperature has been over 100 deg F and clear enough to fry my brain, but this morning started in the mid 80's when I left the dock and was mid 90's when I returned.

Left the dock at high slack on a broad reach to the Eddystone red/green "TS" bouy then on to green can "E1" making 3.5 to 4.5 knots SOG.

Come about at "E1" and get good speed on the opposite tack until the ebb tide builds and the breeze fails. Tack shipping channel to shore, but no forward progress.

Roll up the headsail, sheet-in the main and motor sail against the ebb tide. Docking is at more speed than I would like due to the building ebb tide but the boat kisses the dock and dock lines secured.

Saturday July 3, 2010
Afternoon sail on an ebb tide.
Aldo furler and new 135% headsail installed.

5  to 10 knot breeze out of the southwest provides enough power to close reach at a speed over ground (SOG) of 4.5 knot down river against the tide. The new headsail allows the boat to point close to 25 deg off the breeze, but comfortably sustain 45 deg off the wind.

The tidal current flow increases as the breeze dies, come about and have a controled drift with the tide and less than a 5 knot breeze.

The wind shift to out of the north as I pass behind Little Tinicum and get a tidal current assisted broad reach at 5 knot SOG to the airport runway lights. Come about and a slow return with the ebb to the marina and a gentle dock.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 2010

Billingsport jetty and Mantua Creek entrance blue and white tanks.

Saturday May 29, 2010
Harbor Pointe to Billingsport Saturday afternoon.

Depart Harbor Pointe 1:15 PM with less than 5 knot breeze 2 hrs before high slack, just enough breeze for a gentle broad reach (2 knot SOG) to the up river end of Little Tinicum. Pass through the gap between Mifflin Bar and the sand bar, wind in the main river picks-up between 5 and 10 for a good dash (4 to 4.5 knot) across the shipping channel to Billingsport.

Slack tide at Billingsport and the breeze has again dropped below 5, tugs are marshalling barges up river in the Tinicum Range anchorage. My bearing to the next mark is into the breeze but tide would start to be in my favour soon, this would be a series of tacks can to nun to can but not at a speed to clear the channel for the barges.

Broad reach back to Mifflin Bar then breeze drops to almost still air, slow lazy tacks to the marina, close to marina drop and bag the genoa, motor on and drop and tie the main.

Begin my approach, motor throttle down, the outboard dies, check fuel, try to restart, nothing. Scull rudder so that my drift will be clear of the adjacent marina, untie and raise the main.

Begin my approach under sail, the tidal current has not yet picked up much, the breeze is still gentle and I will be dead to wind in the slip.

The marina had changed my slip to an inside slip from the end tee, I was using the more expensive end tee until the new occupant arrived.

Approach was at less than 1 knot, a gust picked up, my speed was above 2 knots, peeled off and circle at the fairway entrance.

Restarted my approach with main sheeted out and luffing, but speed in the fairway was just under 2 knots, passed my slip and rudder over to swing into the adjacent vacant slip dead to the wind.

Boat secured, 4:45 PM try the motor, starts first time?

Sunday morning motor started, adjusted idle, clean and greased throttle linkage and cable terminals. Motor out for a while, start, stop, forward, reverse then return to correct slip.

I will be practicing sailing in and out of my slip at slack tide, even when not perfect or intentional it looks cool.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 2010

First sail of the season, Saturday morning April 24;

54 deg F, 5 knot breeze from the east. Sail downwind against the last of the flood tide at a relaxed 2 to 3 knots to Harrah's.

The breeze falls to almost still air as the temperature rises to the low 70's F. Come about into the what remains of the breeze and close reach tacking between the PA shore and the shipping channel.

Make some progress against the beginning of the ebb tide but at the Boeing test heli-pad the ebb overcomes progress. Three Chinnocks are on the test pad, one with rotors on.

Motor on, drop the jib, center the main, and motor sail to Essington.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 2010 British Virgin Islands

Gemini 105mc chartered from the Catamaran Company out off Roadtown BVI.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 2010 Still Raining

Flooding at Essington PA

Fox's Grove ramp and boardwalk
Bartram entrance to Fox's Grove
Front Jansen to Ericson
Front and Jansen
Anchorage Marina boardwalk

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2010

Robin in Holly Tree,
promise of spring at Morris.
Morning Snow Fall from Kitchen Window
Wissahickon Creek Spring House, Roxborough PA
Mullica Hill, Fort Washington State Park.
Smith Run Head Waters, Roxborough PA
Vanessa at Smith Run Head Waters
Essington PA
Companion-way hatch tracks frozen.


Ulladh pronounced "ul-la" (null lad).

Uladh the gaelic spelling for the territory of the U-Nail chieftains in the ancient Irish province of Ulster (English/Norse), originally the counties of Down and Antrim, but now including Derry, Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan, also referred to as Ulidia (Greek/Roman),.

Uladh was the home of a pre-celtic, cruithne (crew-en-ya) pictish tribe, who may have been descendants of prehistoric tribes indigenous to the British Isles since the retreat of the last ice age.

Archeological finds date first inhabitants to about 6,000 BC and trade goods from Rathlin Island, County Antrim off the northeast coast of Ireland made from porcellanite stone appearing in Egypt and Crete by 2,500 BC.

The early tribes of Ireland where displaced by later waves of migrants from mainland Europe; about 1700 BC by bronze age tribes, celtic tribes about 500 BC, and in the past two millenia; Roman trading posts, Viking settlements, English plantations... and in the 21st century a welcome increasing diversity from the European Union and the world.

SV Ulladh (for vhf clarity I use "sailing vessel ul-la") is named for the territory of the first peoples to settle in Ireland after the retreat of the last ice age.


Since 1949 Fisksatra Varv in the coastal town of Fisksatra Sweden, built fiberglass boats from dinghies to a 300 ton minesweeper for the Swedish Navy.

The Havsfidra 20's were built between 1968 and the late 1970's to Swedish Navy and Lloyd's certification standards.

The Havsfidra 20 and a larger version the Storfidra 26 where sold in the United States by Continental Yachts and Trawler Agency of Atlantic City NJ.

Havsfidra; sea-feather?
(fidra; to touch or tickle with a feather -Icelandic-English Dictionary, Clarendon Press 1874)