Home Port; on the Delaware River at Fox Grove Marina Essington PA.

Specifications and Maintenence Log

Single mold hand-laid fiberglass hull and bonded deck, 1970 "NU-CON-SYSTEM" insulation and virtualy condensation free.

Aluminum mast and furling boom.
LOA 20'-0" (6m)
LWL 16'-5" (5m)
Beam 7'-5" (2.225m)
Draft 4'-0" (1.2m)
Freeboard bow 3'-6" (1.05m)
Freeboard Aft 2'-4" (0.7m)
Displacement 2,970 lbs (1,350kg)
Ballast Lead 1,100 lbs (500kg)
Standing Room 5'-5" (1.625m)
Main Sail 179.5 sqft (16.14 sq m) new 2008

Genoa 110 sqft (9.9 sq m) new 2010

Raw PHRF 269

Link to Fisksatra history  http://www.kongstad1.net/paranter/artiklar/varvshistoria/historia.php

2005-06 Neshaminy on hard and Anchorage Marina Essington 
-Tohatsu 6hp outboard.
2006-07 Neshaminy Haul-Out and Anchorage Marina Essington  
-All new running rigging.
2007-08 Neshaminy Haul-Out and Anchorage Marina Essington
-Remove ablative bottom coat, to gelcoat
-Fair and seal gelcoat
-2 coats coal tar epoxy from Progressive Epoxy.
2008-09 Winter in water at Anchorage Marina Essington 
-New mainsail from FX-Sails.
2008-09 Winter Haul-Out Fox's Grove Essington
-Remove inboard diesel.
-Alternator added to outboard.
-Progressive Epoxy coal tar epoxy/copper flour bottom coat.
-Repair Autohelm, to be calibrated on water.
2009-10 Winter Haul-Out Fox's Grove Essington
-Progressive Epoxy coal tar epoxy/copper flour bottom coat.
-Top coat West Marine polyurethane.
-Install lazaret watertight bulkhead and drain.
-Second drain to cockpit.
-Companionway ladder.
-Cabin seat back/locker installed and trim to varnished.
-Aldo furler and FX 135% head-sail installed.
-Rewire navigation lights and electric panel.

2010-11 Winter Haul-Out Fox's Grove Essington

2011-12 Proposed Winter work wish list
-Clean, sand and bottom coat
-Clean sand and top coat
-Clean sand and paint deck
-New companionway door
-Cabin bench deck boards
-Wet locker???
-Boat heater???
-Boat stove???
-Clean sand paint interior under cockpit
-Outboard tilt lock repair (but now that I plan to fix, the tilt lock is working every time)
-Someday; improved mast tabernacle, don't need but would like ease of mast lowering image from http://www.dekloet.nl/???

-New rudder; hardwood plywood core, reuse existing hardware


  1. I stumbled across your blog from a Marine Parts website in Quincy, MA.
    My Havsfidra I is 'Lilliput' 1970 with mostly original parts. Her Volvo MD1 engine is still ticking but I did paint her deck and cockpit a few years ago when I could no longer get them clean. Haven't put non-skid on yet; that was suppose to be this years task but haven't even tested out the products yet.
    One of the first things I did when I bought her from the original owner in 1994 was to paint the inside and recover the cushions - I couldn't stand the harvest gold and loden green interior!

  2. Maureen
    Thank you for the comment.
    I have had Ulladh since 2006. The MD1 had a cracked crankcase and cracked water jacket, I assume from sitting for several winters with minimal care. I got the motor running reliably but with a constant leak of oil, diesel and water and a severe allergy to diesel I pulled the motor and used the outboard.
    We both have 1970 boats maybe from the same dealer in Atlantic City my hull number is 159.

  3. Hi Colin

    It's Clay From Petaluma, Ca. Still running the new ~ old electric motor which we installed in January 2011. No problems
    with the motor I'm about finished with the new addition of book shelf's on the bulk heads, painted the interior of the boat to
    an off white from a pukered yellow. I've been sailing the Petaluma River and out around Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. At some point I hope to sail out around the Farllones which is 25 miles west of the Golden Gate. Hope your doing well



Ulladh pronounced "ul-la" (null lad).

Uladh the gaelic spelling for the territory of the U-Nail chieftains in the ancient Irish province of Ulster (English/Norse), originally the counties of Down and Antrim, but now including Derry, Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan, also referred to as Ulidia (Greek/Roman),.

Uladh was the home of a pre-celtic, cruithne (crew-en-ya) pictish tribe, who may have been descendants of prehistoric tribes indigenous to the British Isles since the retreat of the last ice age.

Archeological finds date first inhabitants to about 6,000 BC and trade goods from Rathlin Island, County Antrim off the northeast coast of Ireland made from porcellanite stone appearing in Egypt and Crete by 2,500 BC.

The early tribes of Ireland where displaced by later waves of migrants from mainland Europe; about 1700 BC by bronze age tribes, celtic tribes about 500 BC, and in the past two millenia; Roman trading posts, Viking settlements, English plantations... and in the 21st century a welcome increasing diversity from the European Union and the world.

SV Ulladh (for vhf clarity I use "sailing vessel ul-la") is named for the territory of the first peoples to settle in Ireland after the retreat of the last ice age.


Since 1949 Fisksatra Varv in the coastal town of Fisksatra Sweden, built fiberglass boats from dinghies to a 300 ton minesweeper for the Swedish Navy.

The Havsfidra 20's were built between 1968 and the late 1970's to Swedish Navy and Lloyd's certification standards.

The Havsfidra 20 and a larger version the Storfidra 26 where sold in the United States by Continental Yachts and Trawler Agency of Atlantic City NJ.

Havsfidra; sea-feather?
(fidra; to touch or tickle with a feather -Icelandic-English Dictionary, Clarendon Press 1874)