Home Port; on the Delaware River at Fox Grove Marina Essington PA.

2012-2013 Work

On the hard at Fox Grove.

12-11-2012 Hull cleaned,
sanded and power washed, 4 dry days forecast,
with overnight temperature above freezing.

12-14-2012 Bottom Paint,
coal tar epoxy with copper flour. 
Low 50's F and 40% RH,  sunny and 50's F tomorrow then rain for next 5 days.
Edouard Manet Tarring the Boat
Barnes Foundation Philadelphia PA

1-12-2013 Bottom paint
50's F daytime and above freezing overnight. Boat stands were relocated the previous day, light sand stand area, bottom coat stand area and use up the rest of the coal tar epoxy on a double coat at the water line and bottom of keel.

West Marine SeaGlossPro Polyurethane Topside Paint

fixed portlights to under cockpit berths


To do
-new fore peak berth cushions
-install more LED interior lighting
-remove straighten and re-install two bent stanchions, stanchions removed 12-15-2012.
-replace cockpit drain hoses to existing through hulls.
-install second battery with off-1-2-both switch and relocate batteries to midship 12/3/2012 switch and cables purchased.

-clean and paint unfinished fiberglass interior surfaces, washed with bathroom mold and mildew cleaner.
-clean and paint deck and cockpit with brightside.

-better socket for outboard alternator jack?
-fix forward hatch, duct tape is not a solution even if it does work,

Hard stuff that may not happen;
Junk/Balanced Lug Rig Conversion
-close under lazzarete area and closed cell foam fill?
-clean and paint under sole
-clean and paint locker interiors
-clean and stain/varnish sole

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Havsfidra; sea-feather?
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